Technical Desctiption

Residential Garage Doors

  • Panel is the so called “sanduich panell”. Thickness of panel 42mm. Density is with ISO standards. Weight of panel 12.4kg per m/2. Cover of panels in both sides 0.5mm.
  • Coor of the panel is “powder quoted” made by temperature of 200C with thickness of 85 microns, 4 times more durable than other normal liquid colors.
  • The door mechanism is zinked with safety device.
  • The door is with maximum thermoinsulation with quality rubber seal in all sides.
  • Resistent to wind based in standard EN 12424, Class 4 (133 km/h).
  • Sound insulation based in standard EN 717-1 R=26dB
  • Thermo insulation based in standard EN12428 UD =1.95 W/(m²K)
  • The door is certified for its quality and resistance up to 700x700cm.
  • Warranty in panels 10 years. In accessories and motor 5 years.
  • Mechanism FlexiForce (FF).